“What does R3 stand for..?”

Whatever you need it to.

R3 Writing is here to put what you want out there, whether it’s for your business for personal use.

If you need help writing or editing for a website, technical manual, or essay, you will be met with a process and an end product that is:

Rational: This work is made to represent you. Effort will be made to keep the writer’s voice out of your project.

Reliable: Commissions are not accepted on a first come, first served basis. If there is time available in the schedule to work on your request, it will be started immediately.

If you desire a short story, screenplay, or other creative writing, I can promise you something…

Rare: No matter how niche your interest may be, I’m ready and willing to help you give it written form.

Radiant: While we promise a wide range of tones, our speciality is the kind of stories to raise the spirit and brighten the day.

But no matter which you need from me, the final word is always:

Ready: Whichever of these you need, I am ready to write tailor-made to your needs.


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